Large Multi Data DisplayA tough, sunlight viewable screen, with clear digits and a display that's almost 40% larger than its rivals. Read wind, speed, depth, boat speed, heading, autopilot status, engine data and much more.
Large DigitsThe large digits make maximum use of the display area so that you can easily view your data from a distance.
Highly Visible Bonded LCDGreater contrast for increased readability with a massive 170° viewing angle. Zero condensation ensures a clearly visible screen in all seasons providing outstanding longevity and durability.
Full ColorEnjoy an extremely bright display with the latest LCD technology, day or night.
Easy To UseLarge keys, a dedicated Page button and straightforward menus allow instant access to the data you require.
Easy InstallationMicro-C connectors provide for quick and easy connection – ideal for retrofit or new build. Compatible with industry standards.
ExpandableChoose a simple network and expand it to fit your requirements with full Simrad NSS and NSE chartplotter compatibility.
Simrad Yachting ConstructionElegantly designed yet brutally strong.

Features :
Large Multi Data Display
Large Digits
Highly Visible Bonded LCD
Full Color
Easy To Use
Easy Installation
Simrad Yachting Construction

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