5 June 2024 – Following successful previews earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and the Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show, Mercury Marine, today officially launched the Avator 75e and 110e electric outboards, expanding the range of its award-winning electric propulsion series.

Designed to power bigger sustainable adventures on the water these new models are the latest to join Mercury’s all-electric propulsion lineup, which also includes the Avator 7.5e, 20e and 35e.

The Avator 75e and 110e electric outboards are poised to be Mercury’s most powerful and capable models to date, promising boaters unparalleled performance.

Since its launch in 2023, Mercury’s Avator electric propulsion series has won multiple design and innovation awards in both the marine and electronics industries. Most recently, the Avator 20e and 35e received 2024 CES Innovation Awards in the Sustainability, Eco-Design and Smart Energy category as well as 2024 Boating Industry Top Products Awards. 

“We are proud of all the recognition we have received for our Avator electric outboards to date, and we are excited to introduce our most powerful new models yet,” said John Buelow, Mercury Marine President.

“The 75e and 110e electric outboards are well-suited for powering a variety of vessels, including pontoons, runabouts, skiffs, and RIBs ranging up to about seven metres (22 feet), providing more people with a user-friendly, sustainable boating experience.”

(The Avator is well suited for powering a variety of vessels).

Powerful performance

A standout feature of the Avator 75e and 110e is the industry-first transverse flux motor technology. This groundbreaking design generates high torque with minimal effort, maximising battery life, and ensuring quick acceleration for an exhilarating boating adventure.

The Avator 75e generates 7,500W the equivalent of a 10hp engine, while the 110e generates 11,000W of power at the prop shaft comparable to a 15hp outboard.

Both models are available with digital remote controls for boats with console steering. The 75e offers the added flexibility of a multi-function tiller handle, while the standard power tilt system makes it easy to trim for maximum efficiency or raising the outboard in shallow water.

Batteries and charging

The heart of these electric outboards lies in their advanced battery technology. Engineered exclusively for marine use, the Avator lithium-ion batteries provide reliable and efficient power. Their modular and portable designs allow users to bring along the power they need for a seamless boating experience.

These new outboards connect to an Avator 5400 Power Centre, which facilitates seamless battery integration and offers the flexibility to connect up to four rugged, weather-sealed Avator 5400Wh lithium-ion batteries for extended range and runtime.

The Power Centre delivers convenient, single-point charging for multiple batteries simultaneously. There are two charging options available with the portable 520W Avator charger which can recharge two depleted 5400Wh batteries in approximately 20 hours, while the 1040W charger can cut charge time by more than 50 percent.

The Avators feature a vivid full-colour display, which offers comprehensive information, including to monitor speed, distance, range in terms of time remaining, battery level, power output and alerts. Optimised for easy viewing in all light conditions, these displays enhance the overall boating experience by providing users with the necessary information to explore with confidence.


The Avator 75e and 110e come with a pre-installed Mercury SmartCraft Connect module that wirelessly connects the outboard to the Mercury Marine app on a smart device. This app allows users to monitor range, battery state of charge and other performance data.

It also features a GPS map with visualised range estimates for planning trips. Additionally, users can customise the app to send alerts and descriptive text notifications. The app even tracks the reduced carbon footprint by estimating the emissions avoided while boating with the Avator electric outboard.

Commitment to sustainability
The Avator program continues Mercury’s commitment across all product lines to redefine marine propulsion in ways that leave a positive impact on the environment. Producing no exhaust fumes and zero direct emissions, these outboards allow boaters to enjoy nature without compromising it. Many components are recyclable or reusable, reflecting Mercury Marine’s commitment to a greener tomorrow.

Mercury Marine continues to lead the way in electric propulsion, and the Avator 75e and 110e are poised to set new benchmarks for innovation, performance, and connectivity in the marine industry. Boaters can anticipate a greener and more efficient boating experience with these cutting-edge electric outboards.

Set to be released to order in July 2024, Avator outboards represents Mercury’s commitment to electric propulsion and its ongoing pursuit of excellence in marine innovation.

Find more about Avator and Mercury’s vision for electric propulsion here.

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