A Modular System to Fit Any Boat
The RS90S is a modular VHF system that’s expandable and customisable to suit any boat and any on-water communication needs. A single RS90S system can run up to six separate handsets: four wired, and two wireless. Choose the right combination of handsets to suit your needs. Multiple handsets can be used as a vessel-wide intercom system, keeping crewmembers in contact wherever they are on board. Outputs are provided for up to four optional speakers, and one optional loudhailer/foghorn.

Designed for Clear Communication
This Class D DSC approved radio can send and receive DSC distress signals including position data. An integrated GPS receiver enables your position to be sent with distress calls, even if your boat’s other electronics are powered down. The RS90S also supports direct calling to other DSC-equipped radios. Dual-channel watch lets you monitor the current channel and emergency channels, and a record and replay feature helps to ensure you never miss an important call.

Integrated AIS Receiver
A built-in AIS receiver lets you monitor the position of nearby AIS-equipped vessels, perfect for avoiding collisions in crowded harbours and busy waterways. AIS information can be viewed on a handset or a compatible multifunction display. The RS35 uses the same antenna for both VHF and AIS, simplifying installation and minimising wiring. AIS data is output over an industry-standard NMEA 2000® connection.

Features :

  • Premium modular VHF radio
  • Up to 6 handsets: 4 wired and 2 wireless
  • Works with Simrad HS35 and HS90 handsets
  • Add up to four external speakers
  • Class D DSC functionality
  • Integrated GPS receiver enables standalone DSC distress calls
  • Dual and tri-channel watch functions
  • Optional hailer and foghorn support

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