Easily networks via Ethernet with up to three HDS displays for sonar imaging and waypoint sharing.
Features the dedicated transducer array with the Lowrance innovation of down-looking imaging for the clearest, truest picture possible.
Plug-and-play performance processing module delivers the most horsepower in fishfinding imaging.
Works separately and in tandem with the built-in Broadband Sounder™ of HDS displays and existing transducers.
Offers the exclusive TrackBack™ feature for simultaneous scroll-back of sonar and chartplotter "history" to set waypoints, and share them across the network
Multiple choices in imaging transducer mounting locations.
Fully-waterproof, plug-and-play processor moduleThe StructureScan® HD fully-waterproof module connects to a 10-17 VDC power supply, and via simple plug-and-play Ethernet cables, networks with up to three HDS displays for sonar imaging viewing with independent control. Or, easily network with other HDS add-on options, such as Lowrance Broadband Radar™ or LWX-1 Sirius® satellite weather and radio antenna.
New, enhanced imaging transducer.Low profile, low-drag design with built-in water temp sensor, made for multiple mounting locations – transom, transom step or jackplate. For transoms, there's a stainless-steel mounting bracket with a kick-up feature for water hazard strikes. Damage the bracket, and you simply replace it (not the entire transducer) inexpensively.
StructureScan® HD thru-hull transducer options include two designs in plastic or bronze -- including a dual thru-hull transducer kit for boats with high deadrise hulls.

Features :
Crisp side-viewing detail takes you farther – with up to 600 ft/183 m of higher-resolution side-to-side coverage.
Produces a higher level of definition straight down, with exclusive DownScan Imaging™ technology.
The improved range a huge advancement for StructureMap™ , because now you spend half the time creating a map or searching for structure.
Three, dedicated transducer signals for best-in-class views -- left, right and directly beneath your boat
Share StructureScan® HD images with up to three HDS displays
More Features

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